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Are you a Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant, Developer, Sales Lead, Marketing Aspirant, or a Practice Lead looking further your current role? Do you feel stuck in your career and think this is the time to move ahead? A Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification might be your best bet to enhance your skill set. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification is the best move professionals can opt to move up the success ladder in their professional journey.

Since the launch of Dynamics 365 in 2016, the Microsoft Dynamics eco-system has become a flourishing industry. Experts believe that the demand for MS Dynamics 365 certified professionals is going through the roof as more and more businesses are undergoing digital transformation. So, whatever your role in the current industry is, a Dynamics CRM certification will essentially add significant worth to your professional career.

Before we get into why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification is so hot right now, let’s understand the Dynamics 365 verticals you can enroll into to enhance your skillset.

1. MB-200: Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement Core

The MB-200 Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement Core program helps you in gaining a deep understanding of configuring the system to match client needs along with functional design plans for solutions. This certification will further help you in implementing an Application Lifecycle Management, and testing system changes.

2. MB-210: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

If you feel stuck in your regular sales profile and aim to gain a competitive edge, MB 210 is the program for you. It helps in configuring and expanding the core functionality of leads, accounts, opportunities and sales-supporting entities to map sales processes in place. The modules of this program help the candidate in learning how to implement solutions that support a sales life cycle to run effectively and efficiently.

3. MB-220: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

As more and more organizations are moving towards digital transformation, companies are kicking off traditional modes of marketing. Instead, organizations are looking for marketing strategies that enable smoother communication along with boosting customer relationship. An MB-220 Dynamics certification helps a potential candidate in increasing his or her productivity. Dynamics 365 provides perfect practical tools that help in closing more deals.

4. MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

If you aspire to deliver exceptional customer service while creating new customer journeys, MB-230 is your best bet. It lets you gain an insight into Dynamics 365’s automatic case creation tools and queue management frees up time to create strategies that deliver highest level of customer satisfaction.

Now that you have gone through the various types of MS Dynamics certifications available, you need to understand the benefits of these programs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365-certified individuals not only grab a big, fat paycheck but also have an edge over other competitors while looking for jobs. Microsoft claims that an Microsoft Dynamics 365-certified candidate is five times more likely to be hired than someone who isn’t. It further stated that more than 85% of hiring managers prefer a job applicant with Microsoft Certification.

With a shoot in the number of organizations opting for CRM software for enhanced efficiency and minimizing manual interference, the need to get a Microsoft Dynamics 365-certification is at an all-time high. There is a burgeoning need across industries to automate business processes and functions for optimized performance.

Since Dynamics 365 CRM is cloud-based software, it’s often used by businesses to improve their sales and customer service processes. Another benefit being increased employee productivity. So, if you choose to learn the intricacies of Dynamics 365, you get the chance to upscale with highly sought-after skills. This ultimately helps you in moving levels above in your current role while bringing in more revenue to the company you work for.

  1. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification sets you apart from your peers. An interviewer will always lend more attention to someone who has a certification.
  2. While nothing can beat experience, MS Dynamics 365 certificate will definitely help you in accessing more knowledge on CRM.
  3. If you earn the certification while you are on a job, your value in eyes of your employers increase by manifolds. It’s a well-established truth that employers are always interested in acquiring talent that’s willing to learn. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification definitely gives you more visibility than your colleagues.
  4. It’s no hidden fact that certified candidates draw more salary than their contemporaries.
  5. MS Dynamics 365 Certification will steer your career in a positive direction
  6. Dynamics 365 helps you in improving your personal productivity. It lets you seamlessly integrate with the full Office Suite.
  7. There are more job growth opportunities for people with Dynamics 365 Certification.

The perks mentioned above are enough to register for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification. If you are looking for a way to jump on the wagon and join the elite list of Dynamics-Certified professionals, this is your chance. Though one can learn the basics of the platform on the job, the best way to unlock the platform’s potential is via professional certification. With Edlinqs, you can choose from industry/field-specific Dynamics Certification- starting from sales & marketing to customer service.

The certification allows you to grasp a handy knowledge on the business applications and cloud computing model. This article is closing to its end and if you are still looking for reasons to opt for the certification- let’s give you one.

With an increasing popularity in Dynamics 365 among different business verticals, more and more companies will start looking for candidates with Dynamics 365 skills and training on their CV. Edlinqs is ready to become your partner on this journey towards earning a Dynamics 365 certification and help you take a step forward in your career.

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